Answer Me This! Jubilee

AMT Jubilee.jpg
AMT Jubilee.jpg

Answer Me This! Jubilee


58 mins. God Save The Queen! She’ll need it after she hears this album of all-new material in which Helen, Olly and Martin the Sound Man cover all the questions which might entertain Her Majesty whilst enduring another boring boat pageant. Including: “Who decides how many guns get used in a gun salute?”, “What’s the point of the Royal Family?”, and “Are the unicorns on the Royal Coat of Arms gay?” 

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Amongst the many questions royally addressed are:

• Could the Queen get away with murder?
• What’s the deal with all those 21-gun salutes?
• Does the Queen have a mobile phone?
• Are you really supposed to pronounce ‘regina’ like ‘vagina’?
• Who has seen the Queen’s tits?
• Where can I run into Prince Philip on an average day?
• What’s the point of the monarchy, anyway?
• And what the bloody hell is going on with those nearly nude guys in the Danish monarchy’s coat of arms?

We hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, blame Prince Andrew, like everybody else does.