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Hello! We are Helen and Olly, off the comedy podcast Answer Me This! You probably know that.

What you may not know is that making our free show costs us money. We shell out for bandwidth, hardware, recording equipment, travel expenses, and of course our time.

So, we sell our back catalogue (AMT! episodes 1-200), some exclusive one-hour albums (such as our #1 Comedy Albums 'Jubilee', 'Sports Day' and 'Holiday'), our annual Best Of compilations, and apps so that you can listen to our podcast on your iPhone, Android or Windows  device. All these things help support our show and keep all our most recent episodes totally free.

You can buy all of these things safely and securely right here at the Answer Me This! Store, and you can donate to our show as well.  

Thanks so much for supporting our show, and independent podcasting generally.

Helen and Olly